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Our Services

Although We have only been officially open since June of 2017 we have been very much involved in the scene for over 20yrs. We have tuned and built well over 100 cars in that time all with Steller results. We specialize in late model GM’s but the scope of our work far surpasses that. Some other manufactures we work with on a regular basis are, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota and Dodge.

We offer installation services, motor building, Tuning, and some fabrication as well as retail sales of parts through our website. 

Our flagship service is our tuning. But we also offer the following services for anyone needed quality work.

Custom Tuning via HPTuners (street and dyno)

Custom Tuning also available W/Uprev, AEM, Hondata, Crome Pro, Holly and many more!

Alky Control Methanol Installations

E85 Flex Fuel conversions

Supercharger and Turbo Installation

Camshaft Installs

Converter Installs

Suspension Installs

We also travel around all of Florida and most of the east coast offering our tuning services Please contact us for a current schedule!

Below are some of our prices, Our current labor rate is $75/Hr for installs and fabrication.

Dyno Tuning:                                                                                              $500-$700

Street Tuning:                                                                                            $300-$500

All Tuning includes the following:

Optimized A/F both at Part Throttle and Wide Open Throttle
• Timing Adjustment’s Throughout the entire curve
• Injector size Rescaling
• Gear Ratio Changes (If Required)
• Idle speed Adjustments
• Speedometer calibration (If required)
• Torque Management Adjustments
• Shift points adjusted
• (For most forced induction vehicles VE tuning is mandatory)

Mail Order Tuning/Remote Tuning                                                        $350

E85 Tuning                                                                                                     $75 Fee

Speed Density Tuning/VE Tuning                                                            $50 Fee

Multi Bar Tuning/2Bar/3Bar                                                                     $50 Fee

All of our tuning services come with a limited lifetime free touchup retune(Limited to 3) for any “Minor” bolt on additions you may make down the road. It will be at our discretion weather the addition of the bolt on merits a retune.

We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality work with the best customer service possible!