Texas Speed Stage 1 AFM-1 L99 Camshaft


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The L99 engine utilizes Variable Valve Timing (VVT) controlled via a cam phaser. A cam phaser is a computer-controlled cam gear that automatically optimizes camshaft timing based on the current engine RPM. While this technology provides tremendous efficiency benefits, it presents a challenge when designing performance cams due to the wide range of valve timing movement and constantly changing piston-to-valve clearance.  With the help of Texas Speed’s Superflow 902 engine dyno, we are able to custom-design camshafts and phaser tuning tables to allow our L99 customers the ability to purchase the ultimate in L99 performance camshafts!  Thanks to the Superflow 902 dyno, Texas Speed is the only company that currently offers a VVT camshaft with a phaser table included to properly tune the camshaft phaser once it’s installed in your Camaro!

The AFM-1 camshaft is the smallest duration camshaft TSP offers for L99 customers looking for nice power gains while keeping the Active Fuel Management lifters in place.  All AFM-friendly TSP camshafts were designed with .500″ lift because the travel of the floating plunger was designed around that lower tappet lift.  If you build an AFM camshaft with too much lift, the plunger cannot travel enough which will result in either hanging a valve open or creating slack in the pushrod.  A lot of companies sell AFM camshafts at well past .500″ lift. These companies have most likely not durability-tested their combos and have no idea of the negative effects this can have on the AFM lifters.

If you don’t want to remove your cylinder heads, the AFM-1, AFM-2, & AFM-3 camshafts are all great options.  All three AFM-series camshafts still feature full VVT control, but they also use weaker lobes that are designed to be compatible with AFM lifters!

Each L99 camshaft Texas Speed offers will require the use of a Comp Cams Phaser limiter kit. The phaser limiter restricts the range of cam timing movement from 50° to 20°. This modification provides the necessary valve clearance for serious performance camshafts with tighter lobe separations while still utilizing the benefits of the VVT technology.

TSP’s AFM-series camshafts are a great option for L99 customers looking for a camshaft upgrade without having to remove your cylinder heads and replace the lifters!  With the TSP AFM-series camshafts, you will receive the camshaft of your choice as well as a camshaft phaser tune custom-designed on the Texas Speed Superflow 902 engine dyno!

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