Real Street Performance -10AN Oil Catch Can Reservoir Tank Black


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-10 In/Out – Black In Color
Note: -10 In/Out – Black In Color
Size: 3″ Outer Diameter / Height = 10″
Material: Billet Aluminum

Catch cans are an often overlooked part during a build but they are necessary for reducing crank case pressure that robs power from your engine. Any pressure under the piston (in the crank case) causes resistance in the rotating assembly’s motion. It also leads to leaks and reduced combustion pressure (which is necessary for increased power)

A good catch can should have

  • Breather Filter – this allows the crank case pressurized air to escape the can.
  • Inner Baffle – this prevents oil residue from reaching the breather filter
  • Drain Valve – this allows you to empty the contents of the can without removing the can from the engine bay.
  • -10 fittings – you don’t want to use a hose smaller than -10

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in


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