Circle D – 6L80/90 Pro Series Multi Disk Converter

$1,325.00 $1,299.00



Three diameters are available for the 6L80 Pro Series Single Disk.

245mm is good for lighter cars and big NA setups.

258mm is great for heavy cars and smaller trucks, bigger power setups, or more of a street build.

265mm is for a really big power setup or large heavy trucks.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

245mm, 258mm, 265mm

Stall Speed

2200-2400 RPM 1A, 2500-2700 RPM 1B, 2600-2800 RPM 2A, 2800-3000 RPM 2B, 3000-3200 RPM 1C, 3000-3200 RPM 3A, 3200-3400 RPM 2C, 3200-3400 RPM 3B, 3400-3600 RPM 3C, 3600-3800 RPM 4C, 4000-4200 RPM 5C


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