APS Dominator Catch Can System


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Our  Cans are made to order. please allow 1-2 weeks build time.


About our cans:

Our Dominator catch can utilizes a unit sized to properly allow for the CFM of flow of today’s PCV systems that allows for the speed of flow through to slow to the point of not only allowing the suspended liquids to separate fall, but also prevents liquid droplets from being “pulled through” and out as most other cans on the market allow. Our design directs the liquid vapors from the OEM PCV system through 3 separate chambers, condensing, and baffle separation at each step separates and removes not only suspended oil mist, but also un-burnt fuel, sulfuric acid, and the abrasive carbon and soot particles that contribute to engine wear and the intake valve coking issues that plague ALL of today’s Direct Injection gasoline engines resulting in the prevention of intake valve deposits, longer engine life, increased fuel economy (due to the reduction in timing through knock-retard) and reduced tail-pipe emissions.

Unlike most “catch cans” on the market that only trap a small portion of these compounds allowing most to still pass through and contaminate the intake air charge, the Dominator separators trap and retain up to 95% plus of these contaminants while most cans only trap oil for the most part. The Dominator goes even further by trapping the other damaging combustion by-products. The Dominator is a 12oz can that allows much longer change/drain intervals compared to the many smaller cans on the market as well. On average we see about 5000 miles before these cans need to be drained but we always recommend checking the can around every 1000 miles to be safe.

The dual outlets on the can allow the user to tap into the vacuum available pre-throttle body to take over the evacuation when under hard acceleration on NA engines, supercharged engines or the turbo/Centrifugal supercharger inlet. This is unique compared to many of the cans on the market as they do not have the ability to allow WOT (Wide open throttle) evacuation. This is crucial if you want to keep crankcase pressure to a minimum and not sacrifice drivability, and emissions standards.

Approximately 90-95% of the oil ingestion via the intake air charge enters via the “Dirty” side of the PCV system, the other 5-10% enter via back flow through the factory “clean” side. This occurs mostly at wide open throttle when intake manifold vacuum drops to zero and crankcase pressure is allowed to build back up. This pressure will follow the path of least resistance, which is backwards flowing into the intake air bridge assembly bringing in oil mist and other contaminants into the intake air charge.  While this will not cause severe issue with a port injection daily driven engine, it will cause detonation and reduced power and fuel economy, and in a performance engine, especially forced induction.

Features include:

1.       Large coalescing chamber utilizing corrosion resistant Stainless Steel coalescing media.

2.       Two separate condensing chambers with a primary condensing and collection chamber and a secondary chamber that provides the most complete contact with the outer wall for cooling and separating any remaining suspended compounds that may get past the first two.

3.       A completely separate outlet chamber where the flow for the 4th time slows to allow any remaining droplets to fall from suspension allowing the cleanest vapors possible to exit the can.

4.       Easy to drain high quality chrome plated brass 1/4 turns ball valves with the option to add a remote drain hose

5.       Billet aluminum low cracking pressure check valves to prevent any back flow during heavy acceleration.

6.       Universal billet clamp that allows lots of mounting configurations.

7.       Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum modular quality construction.

8.       No “mixing” of the incoming oil/etc. laden vapors from the cleaned separated outgoing flow at any time during its passage through the system.

9.       100% closed EPA compliant in all States except CA.

10.    Clean side separator system(Optional)

11.    Black nylon braded lines


The Dominator catch can system  is recommended for Naturally Aspirated, ,Supercharged & Turbocharged vehicles that are at or below 1000whp. Larger cans for bigger HP setups are available!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

C5 Corvette, C6 Corvette, C7 Corvette, 5th Gen V8 Camaro, 6th Gen V8 Camaro, Dodge Hellcat

Add Clean Side Separator System

Yes (+$99.00), No Thanks (+$0.00)


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